Who We Are

Our vision is to foster a life-long sustainable appreciation of Native lacrosse in the Twin Cities metro area in Minnesota.

We promote resiliency and wellbeing through lacrosse, to enable our youth to claim their cultural, physical and spiritual strength as leaders and athletes through Our Game.

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Promoting Healthy Native Families and Communities

We engage our elders, leaders, families, and youth for community events, and utilize the cultural teachings, storytelling, and first languages of our tribal communities to engage multiple generations in lacrosse. We offer youth programming year around. We sponsor a yearly wooden stick tournament, travel to other nations to play Our Game, and offer community play days for all. We believe lacrosse is a way of life and children are the center of this way of life, or sacred circle. Community Play days are open to all families to come and play as a family; brothers, sisters, parents, and at every skill level!

Culture as Medicine

Lacrosse is much more than a sport. Lacrosse is an integral part of our history, teachings and world-view as Indigenous peoples. The game is used to heal, settle disputes, and to bring together our families and communities. Lacrosse is a medicine game to ensure the well-being of our peoples. We know and respect that there is a spirit in all things, our beings, our trees, wooden sticks and sacred medicines. We believe sticks are alive and have a spirit. To respect balance, we offer prayer, harvest and offer traditional tobacco, sage, and sweet grass – medicines; this creates a circle of healing.

Honoring Women & Girls as Sacred Life-givers

For many tribal nations, women had a leadership role in lacrosse. Reclaiming the traditional roles and power of women and girls is a pathway to creating a healthy future for our communities. We offer weekly year-around lacrosse practices and cultural programming to promote the use and understanding of traditional medicines for girls, we utilize elders and advisors to talk with the girls about core values of Indigenous lacrosse and how applies on and off the field.

Always Playing for Creator

Prayer and protocol are key to playing to our fullest potential, our human bodies and minds are weak compared to our spirits. Long after our bodies and minds have grown tired, our spirit can carry on. Without Creator’s help and our spiritual ways, we leave our safety to our human (physical) selves. It is important to care for our spirit while playing and for this we play for Creator.